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Other services

Public Procurement

Our complete advice ranges from the incorporation of the company to be used in Panama, to the compliance and verification of all existing regulations on the matter to be tendered.

Our services include:

  • Advice and Presentation of Tenders.

  • Claims, Requests and Resources.

  • Presentation of Accounts and Collections to the State.

Bank Account Openings

We advise you on opening bank accounts in Panama, assisting you with the documents you must present, and recommending banks for this purpose.

Casinos and Games of Chance

Within our legal services we have permits or licenses for:

  • raffles

  • raffles

  • Slot machines

  • casinos

  • Online games.

Preparation and review of all types of contracts

We prepare and review all types of commercial contracts.  We also offer a retainer service for the review and preparation of contracts and legal agreements.

Mining Concessions

As lawyers we advise our clients on all legal aspects related to theexploration, extraction, development, and marketing of mineralsmetallic and nometallic

litigation processes

Before initiating any lawsuit, we will review all the documentation and evidence in order to analyze the risks related to a litigation process.

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