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There are different ways to obtain a legal status in Panama, whether they come as tourists, or wish to obtain a Permanent Residence, Provisional Residence or obtain a work permit.

Let us provide you with legal advice, and guide you through the process.

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Tourism Visa (Stamped)

It is the one necessary for some countries to enter Panama, as a Tourist.

Usually requested at the Consulates of Panama, in the country of origin, but can also be requested in Panama

Some of the countries that require that tourist visa (stamped) are

Venezuela, Ecuador, Dominican Republic.

Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine.

Vietnam, Maldives, Mongolia.

This process must be done from the Panamanian Consulate in the country of origin.

If you require legal assistance, or more related information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Short Stay Visa for Remote Worker.

This visa will have a duration of nine (9) months and can be extended for an equal period. It will give the right to   work in the remote work modality within the Republic of Panama for which its holder no  will require additional processing.

Essential requirements:

1. Contract as an operative of a foreign transnational company, that is, a self-employed worker in the telecommuting modality.

2. Carry out functions that have effects abroad

3. Receive income from a foreign source, and with an annual amount of USD$36,000.00 or its equivalent in foreign currency.

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Permits and Residences

There are different types of residences in Panama, which can be  Permanent or Temporary in , each of these options will depend on the conditions and requirements that you have, or the activity to be carried out in Panama.

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Indispensable documents that you must bring with you for any type of immigration process.

If you are still not sure which is the best option for you, I recommend that you be prepared and bring the following documents

  • Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.

  • Police record from the country of origin duly legalized by the nearest Panamanian Consulate, or Apostille.**If you are from the United States, the only acceptable police record is the Federal (FBI), which must be apostilled**

  • Marriage Certificate duly legalized by the Consulate of Panama, in the country of origin or with Apostille.

  • Birth Certificate of your children, duly legalized by the Consulate of Panama, in the country of origin or with Apostille.

  • For children of legal age, in addition to bringing a birth certificate, please bring a single certificate, duly legalized by the Consulate of Panama, in that country or with an Apostille. 

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About Work Permits

Unlike some other countries, work permits go hand in hand with some form of residency.  That is, you cannot have a work permit without a residence.  Not all migratory categories grant a work permit. However, it is required in all of them to have a job prior to any application.  The only exception is the Work Permit as married to a Panamanian.

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