Headquarters of Multinational Companies



The SEM license grants tax benefits for both the company and the executive. As lawyers we can clean them and guide them in the process, in order to obtain the Headquarters License of Multinational companies and its advantages.

Multinational Company Benefits


Reduced rate of Income Tax.


As they are export services, they will not cause Transfer Tax, provided they are provided to entities of the business group abroad, that do not generate taxable income within Panama.


The Multinational company will be exempt from paying dividend tax, complementary tax and branch tax, regardless of whether they are from local, foreign or exempt sources.


They will not be subject to the use of fiscal equipment.


The gain or loss on the transfer of shares issued by the SEM company are subject to the capital gains regime, but at a fixed rate of 2%. where the buyer will have the obligation to retain from the seller a sum equivalent to 1% of the total value of the sale


They will not have the obligation to obtain a Notice of Operation for the provision of the services established in this Law; consequently, they will not be subject to the payment of the Operation Notice Tax.

Executive Benefit in Multinational Company


The Executives of Multimaational companies with a SEM License, are considered exempt from income tax and social security contributions and educational insurance those salaries and other labor remunerations, including salary in kind, that people with a SEM Visa receive, to the extent that such wages and labor compensation are paid, assumed and recognized as personnel expense in the accounting of the company with a SEM License.


The holder of a Multinational Company Headquarters Permanent Personnel Visa will be exempt, at the time of moving for the first time to the Republic of Panama, from the payment of taxes that, due to their importation, may apply to their household goods.


Foreign personnel covered by a Multinational Company Headquarters Permanent Personnel Visa may request from the National Customs Authority a total tariff exemption and for a single time, every two years, for the importation of a motor vehicle for their personal or family use .

Beneficios Migratorios


Estas serán otorgadas a los trabajadores de nivel administrativo-ejecutivo. Serán otorgados por un término de cinco (5) años prorrogables por igual plazo, salvo en aquellos casos en que el contrato de trabajo establezca un término menor. Lo anterior sin limitar el número de veces en que la visa y el carné en referencia puedan ser prorrogados. Los poseedores de esta visa no necesitaran permisos de trabajo


1. Poder y Solicitud (notariado y con sus respectivos timbres fiscales).

2. Tres (3) fotografías.

3. Copia debidamente cotejada del pasaporte (Notario o Aut. correspondiente).

4. Certificado de Antecedentes penales. 5. Certificado de Salud.

6. Formulario de Declaración Jurada de Antecedentes Personales.

7. Certificación de Secretaría Técnica de Comisión de Sedes.

8. Carta de Trabajo.

9. Si posee Dependientes:

    9.1. Certificado que pruebe el parentesco: matrimonio o nacimiento(Autenticado y traducido).

     9.2. Carta de trabajo notariada.