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With nearly 20 years of experience, we are expert lawyers in business, corporate, immigration and real estate investments. 

There are different types of corporate structures for business and asset protection.  The best known are the Panama Corporations (SA) and the Private Interest Foundations.

Before investing in any business or real estate, it is necessary to ensure all the risks of the investment, in relation to owners or shareholders, property tax, and all expenses associated with the transaction.

Special regime created for the establishment of logistics centers for light manufacturing and repackaging in Panama. Like the SEM regime, they would enjoy legal certainty and migratory, labor and tax benefits that encourage the production of products and services for export and for internal commercial use.

In Panama there are different ways to obtain a permanent or provisional residence and Work permit.

SEM (Headquarters of Multinational Companies), is a license that offers multiple advantages to multinationals operating in Panama.

We can assist you in matters of intellectual property, register your trademark or patent in Panama. 

We can also provide other services such as:

Notices of Operation, Mining Concessions, Public Contracting,  Casinos and games of chance. 

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