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We can provide legal advice in all types of corporate processes, in the incorporation of companies, foundations and all types of businesses, and property protection structures.


There are different types of companies in Panama, however, due to their characteristics and privacy, Panama corporations (SA), are the ones most used. These not only serve to conduct business, but are also commonly used for the protection of property or assets.


Our incorporation time for corporations is 72 hours.

It is not necessary for you to be in Panama to prepare an SA, however, certain documentation and information will be requested for the fulfillment of due diligence.

All our companies are delivered with the following documents:  ​

a) Resignation of Subscribers.

b) Public deed containing the Articles of Incorporation, with their respective stamps (Translation into English if required)

c) First act of issuance of shares.

d) Actions

e) Book of shares duly sealed by a notary public.

f) Minutes book duly sealed by a notary public.

Our costs include:

  • Notary fees.

  • Registration Rights

  • First single rate.

  • Stock books and minutes.

  • First issue of shares.

  • Professional fees.

  • translations



It is a legal entity whose main purpose is the protection of goods or assets.  Its incorporation time, like that of companies, is 72 hours.

It is made up of a foundation council, which ensures compliance with the foundation regulations.

Our costs include:

  • Notary fees.

  • Registration Rights

  • First single rate.

  • Minute book.

  • Basic regulation.

  • Professional fees.



  • Modification of the articles of incorporation or Foundational Council

  • Change of Board of Directors or Foundation Council.

  • Issuance of shares.

  • Change of resident agent.

  • Preparation of regulations for Foundations.

  • Sale of share books and minutes

  • Authentication of share books and minutes

  • Partner agreement, among others.



We have our own line of stock books and minutes, which are for sale in Panama, or can also be found on amazon.


1. What can I use a company for?

You can use it to start a business, protect assets, or as part of a corporate structure.

2. Do I have to be in Panama to incorporate a Panamanian Corporation?

No. You do not need to be in Panama. We can incorporate the without the need for your physical presence, however to start you must send certain documents.

3. What documents must I send to start the process?

You must send: Copy of the identification cards or passports of the members of the Board of Directors, for the positions of president, secretary and treasurer.  You must also send us the copy of the shareholders' passports_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ final beneficiaries.  For due diligence we can request some additional documents such  such as bank reference letter, income statements.

4. Is the shareholder information published in the Public Registry?

No. The nature of corporations prevents information related to shareholders from being public in the Public Registry, however the law requires resident agents to inform the supervisory entity of this information.

5. Should I keep share books and minutes?

The law establishes that it is an obligation. We deliver these books to our clients along with the corporate package.

6. I need to issue shares, how do I do it?

All companies must have issued shares. As part of our services, in the event that no shares have been issued to you, we may be able to assist you.

7. Can I issue bearer shares?

Yes you can. The law allows it to be done and that the corresponding registry of the final beneficiary is kept by the lawyer. We do not recommend it and we do not do it.

8. Are the members of the Board of Directors of a Company, and the shareholders the same?

Not necessarily. Sometimes it may coincide. The members of the Board of Directors work for the shareholders or final beneficiaries.

9. Do the members of the Board of Directors of a Society have to be Panamanians?

No.  They must only be Panamanian for retail business.  

10. Are there annual fees?

Yes. All companies must pay a single annual fee to the State in the amount of US$300.00, and to Roxana Rangel as resident or registered agent the amount of US$200.00 per year. 

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