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Investment in Business and Real Estate

Before buying, selling or investing in a business, or  real estate, it is necessary to know all the details, and the related expenses.

Our task is to analyze each situation, determine the process, measure the possible risks, establish the necessary documents for the protection of the assets, the estimated time that the process will take, and the expenses of the process.

Business and Real Estate Due Diligence

We verify all business or property information is correct.  We analyze  the taxes involved in the transaction, and the risks of the investment.


Contracts of Promise of Sale of Real Estate or shares.

We review and prepare the contract for the sale of shares, or the promise of sale, ensuring the delivery of all the documents related to the process.


Preparation of Deeds of Sale

We coordinate the appointment with the notary, we prepare the deeds by which the real estate will be registered and we register it in the Public Registry of Panama.


Preparation of minutes of sale

Some clients only need us to assist them in the preparation of the bill of sale.


Property Tax Exemptions, Donations, Segregations

We can assist you in all kinds of real estate processes.

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